In the 19th century Khatri Hasan Bawa, a dyer by profession started job works for the Arab World.

By 1890 Khatri Hasan Bawa owned a dyeing house enabling him to provide a much better product with a superior standard assurance. Later in the years his son Hasham, who was known as Hashim in the Arab World, assisted him in the work which helped the business grow.

During the boom in Arab world in 1970, various exporters dealing in Arabian outfits came in contact with Haji Hasham.

The end users were aware of the existence of Mr. Haji Hasham Hasan Bawa. His fluency in the Arabic and Persian language made him popular in the Arab World. Many of them knew him personally. The image of Mr. Hasham Hasan Bawa had a great value. The name itself was a mark of quality.

There was a steep rise in the demand for his goods. The exporters demand his name on their product which enhanced the sales of the exporter's product.

As the years passed, a firm named K.H.B EXPORTS was formed by Mr. Khatri Yaser Iqbal & Khatri Hazer Iqbal Grandson's Of Haji Hasham Hasan Bawa to cater the overseas buyers directly ensuring a better quality product.

K.H.B EXPORTS Is Now A Leading Exporter In Middle East & African Countries.